Blogging and Google AdSense Blogging is a great way to make money with Google AdSense. In part 7 of my AdSense presentation, you will learn how to get started in just a matter of minutes. To start this series at the beginning, go to http

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AppId is over the quota

Take a look at the list of world famous games below, then ask yourself… how does each of these games make you feel?

FarmvilleCastlevilleWorld of WarcraftMob Wars

More likely than not, one of these games makes you go crazy, and then you start thinking about how you could be playing and leveling up right now, but instead you are focused on how to make money online and reading this article. :)

As much of a gamer or Facebook games addict you might be, the point I wanted to stress is that you can play and market these games to other Facebook users, while making money in the process.

As popular as these games are, the advertisers and creators of the game aren’t the only ones making money. (Be sure to check out my business of Facebook infographic.) Through the use of digital products and guides through ClickBank, you can start advertising to other people who are “interested” in these games.

You might be surprised, but these game guides actually convert quite well on Facebook Ads, and depending on how much you play with your ad copy, you may only have to pay a few pennies per click.

The bottom line is, head over to ClickBank and search for your favorite Facebook games and see what offers are available to promote. Many of these guides will pay out up to 75% commissions!

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