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Affiliate Marketing Tips from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson: Using DirectCPV and Creating Effective CPV Ad Campaigns

There are plenty of ways to bring high volume and quality traffic to your web sites and ad campaigns, but CPV / PPV media buying has quickly become the choice of many marketers over the past several years. While search engines keep raising their ppc ad costs, and social network advertising keeps getting more competitive and costly, media buying is still a great way to create ad campaigns that can push a ton of volume and profits if you stick with it.

The concept behind media buying is simple. Through the use of keyword targeting, you can select categories or web sites that you would like your advertisements to appear on. Instead of banner or text advertising, the majority of CPV/PPV media buying is done through pop-up or pop-under windows. If you had an online store that sells toys, you may want to advertise your CPV/PPV campaigns across sites like ToysRUs or other popular toy sites. Just like search advertising, there is also a bidding setup for advertising to place their ad costs per keyword or site they would like to advertise across. The top bidders will get the highest volume and ad placements. As an advertiser you are paying every time the pop-up/down is displayed.

There are plenty of media buying networks to choose from, but one of the more popular and well known self serve platforms is through DirectCPV. With millions of daily impressions being served to their advertisers, and an easy to learn/use advertising platform, it’s a great place to start your CPV/PPV journey if you haven’t already. Ad rates start at only .004 per view, and you can watch a short video below on how their network works and how ad campaigns are created and served.

Just like there are many different ways to advertise and get traffic to your sites, there are also different ways to advertise in media buying as well. DirectCPV offers three different traffic generation strategies every Internet marketer should know about:

Keywords – You can use DirectCPV to bid on keywords, just like you’ve probably already done with Google AdWords. However, DirectCPV is often far more affordable. DirectCPV gets their keyword traffic from all of the major search engines, not just one. They can sell you the same traffic the major PPC search engines sell you, but at a fraction of the cost. While a Google campaign for a keyword may cost $2.00 per click, DirectCPV starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor, and we are talking highly targeted traffic that is actively searching the web for a keyword or key phrase of your choice.URLs – URL bidding allows you to advertise on your competitor’s websites.  The people who visit your direct competitor’s websites are more likely than anyone else to purchase what you are selling right now. And like keyword traffic, it starts at just 1.5 cents per visitor.Run of Network – DirectCPV’s run of network traffic costs $4 per 1,000 visitors. It isn’t targeted like Keyword or URL traffic, so they offer this traffic at a huge discount. If you offer a general-interest product that has a diverse target market, you can use this option to drive thousands of visitors to your website or landing page right away.

Since I last wrote about DirectCPV a while back, there have been a lot of improvements to their system, a new user interface, as well a lot more traffic sources to choose from. For anyone who has used their ad system in the past and hasn’t logged in lately, I recommend you check it out.

For those of you that keep hearing about CPV and PPV advertising, but are still waiting to try it out, DirectCPV is currently offering a free $10 bonus on your first $100 deposit. This is a nice 10% bonus to help you get your first media buying campaigns profitable, which can be up to 2,500 additional views depending on your ad rates. If you have any international campaigns, but sure to try out the overseas audience on DirectCPV as they have less competition than the USA traffic that everyone is going after.

Join DirectCPV and Get Your $10 Bonus

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Make money online using GVO

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Make Money With Clickbank

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PPC – About PPC – Pay Per Click Management | ppc.org: Make Money with Facebook Games Using ClickBank

AppId is over the quota

Take a look at the list of world famous games below, then ask yourself… how does each of these games make you feel?

FarmvilleCastlevilleWorld of WarcraftMob Wars

More likely than not, one of these games makes you go crazy, and then you start thinking about how you could be playing and leveling up right now, but instead you are focused on how to make money online and reading this article. :)

As much of a gamer or Facebook games addict you might be, the point I wanted to stress is that you can play and market these games to other Facebook users, while making money in the process.

As popular as these games are, the advertisers and creators of the game aren’t the only ones making money. (Be sure to check out my business of Facebook infographic.) Through the use of digital products and guides through ClickBank, you can start advertising to other people who are “interested” in these games.

You might be surprised, but these game guides actually convert quite well on Facebook Ads, and depending on how much you play with your ad copy, you may only have to pay a few pennies per click.

The bottom line is, head over to ClickBank and search for your favorite Facebook games and see what offers are available to promote. Many of these guides will pay out up to 75% commissions!

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