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Blogging and Making Money Online (2011 Version) (Part 1)

HERE! The Link: SystemToMakeMoneyOnline.com Blogging, in 2011, is incredibly easy to do if you are not using it as a mechanism solely for making money. Most blog platforms offer free versions; others, like WordPress, offer hosted solutions where you pay a small fee per month to your hosting company and then integrate with WordPress tools and the platform. Whichever way you do it – either the free version or via a hosted version – it is simple to set up and get started. So the barriers to entry in the world of blogging are basically zero. No cost, fast, and easy for anyone wanting to start a blog. The difficulty, however, is in the competition across the world of blogging. A lot of very well-known sites are, or were, actually blogs. Did you hear about AOL buying Huffington Post a few months ago? Well, Huffington Post actually is a blog. What are some others? Internet marketing and technology folks are very familiar with Techcrunch. There are numerous other very well-known web destinations which are blogs and were started by one or a handful of individuals like you and me. Most of the big blogs started out creating fantastic, relevant content and their audience grew over time. In fact, their audiences grew so much, that they could solicit advertising, grow their newsletter lists and then sell those lists to advertisers, or even in some cases could charge a fee (subscription or one-time) to view certain content. All of these are ways, or tactics, that bloggers ultimately can <b>…<b>

Blogging and Making Money Online (2011 Version) (Part 2)

HERE! The Link: SystemToMakeMoneyOnline.com My answer very definitively is that blogs are not becoming irrelevant, and in fact it is quite the contrary. Blogs are even more important in this highly-social era. While social media is great, and should be utilized to build your audience and build your blogs audience, understand that there are limitations in respect to social media. The biggest is that the content is short-form. Twitter is only 140 characters. Facebook isnt necessarily conducive to in-depth commentary. LinkedIn, same thing. If you have a topic and want to write about something with any kind of depth, blogging really is the perfect solution. Sure, blogging takes a lot more time than tweeting or posting Facebook status updates; but if you want to build an audience through anything beyond a pithy comment here or there, it really is important and necessary. Again, this is not to say that social media is not important. It is. In fact, I believe your followers on social media should feed your blog. I always shudder when people say "find me on Facebook" versus "find me at my website". If you are serious about blogging, and eventually making money through blogging, you should be doing everything you can to be directing eyeballs to your blog, from social media. Dont abandon social media, but understand what it is and isnt necessarily useful for when weighed against the virtues of blogging and building your audience that way. In short, my main tip for blogging is <b>…<b>

How To Make Money Online Without Investment – Easy Quick Cash On Autopilot

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