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This week I have invested in and committed to Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

Dean is true success story he went from flat broke to success in record time.  His mentor was Alex Jeffreys who in turn was mentored by Mike Filsaime.  I could go on through the family tree but the point is I am getting help from the world’s best directly and indirectly.

The programme lasts for four weeks and I intend to follow closely and allow my business to make progress down the road to success.  Please come back for further updates as the weeks progress.

The first week’s live webinar showed Dean to be a capable presenter and forced the participants to focus on mindset and other issues that may inhibit success. Fail to plan, plan to fail.  It may be short a and sweet but it it’s on the money.

Till next time


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Making A Website To Make Money Online In 5 Simple Steps

How To Create Money Making Websites And Start An Online Business Learn The Fastest Way To Earn And Make Real Money Online With Keywords And…/making-a-website-to-make-money-onli…

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