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Fast way to make money online

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AppId is over the quota
This reminds me of a feature request I’ve been mulling over since the great Hellblazer stomping of Fall 2010…

How many of you gay webmasters would agree that in addition to the Rep and itrader systems here a third social widget for ‘stompings’ or ‘trounces’?

It could be the shape of a small boot beside the Rep button and whenever someone does a complete and total trouncing like this above, we the gay webmasters can click a button on that post and assign the giver and receiver of that asswhooping. Kind of like a vote, and when you click on it a tiny window comes up and you simply assign which party gave the trouncing and which party received it… And of course on their profile pages we’d see all of the trounce history much like we do now see our own feedback history.

What say you, wickedfire? Anyone else interested in spotting the top trouncers and their trouncings? Shit would be fun.

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