AndyJenkinsIrreverence Rebellion and Interweb Marketing4 MythsAn Internet Marketing Consultant will Tell You About Marketing Money OnlineYou know what the Biggest Myth of all time in the Interweb is?Making $$$ Online Is ImpossibleAt least that’s what many businesses and entrepreneurs thought when the internet was still in its infancy. Today, any Internet marketing consultant will tell you that you can actually go toe to toe with huge corporations and profit handsomely on the net. Earning a sustainable living that supports a fulfilling lifestyle isn’t impossible at all on the web. As long as you have the Right KnowledgeCommitment& A Bit of Luckyou can establish yourself as a major player in your niche and get some serious income flowing into your bank account. But still, there are some major misconceptions about internet marketing that upstart online businessmen will want to stay away from. I’ve gathered the Four Most Atrocious Ones to warn you about things that you should scoff at and walk away from when you hear or read about them:1 Getting Rich on the Internet is quickSensational, isn’t it? Yes, because that’s what this myth really is – Danger Sensationalism. While it’s true that a small group of internet marketers raked in thousands of dollars almost instantly. It was because they worked hard months before offering a product to the right prospect in the right way. As with any profitable endeavor, making money online involves a lot of Honest Effort, Brain Racking & Tons of Working Hours2 Email is deadThe simple Truth is that Email and Email Marketing are very much Alive & Well simply because… everyone online is still actively using platform as the basic means of reaching people. 3 Blogging is deadBlogs are still the most comprehensive means for marketeers to update their followers about their products and services. Consumers love it!4 Article marketing is a thing of the past Article marketing provides lots of content options for consumers. In fact, it still showing up on Google’s search results. So, Remember, profiting from the internet doesn’t happen overnight, and some of the tried and tested methods that many f todays’s internet marketing superstars still works. And you’d benefit greatly from what they have to say about making money off the internet. AndyJenkinsIrreverence Rebellion and Interweb MarketingDiscover more Internet Marketing Secrets at www. Andyjenkins. com