WordPress Classroom video 1,Click Here, free-review-tips.info ,to become a pro.More Free Videos Guides Here; Part 1 : www.youtube.com Part 2 : www.youtube.com Part 3 : www.youtube.com Part 4 : www.youtube.com Part 5 : www.youtube.com Part 6 : www.youtube.com Part 7 : www.youtube.com From creating simple salespages to business blogs to article directories to paid forums to fancy e-stores, there is very little you cant do with WordPress when you have the right tools and step-by-step instructions. 7 Essential Tools to Create a Money-Making WordPress Blog 1. Keyword Research Tool – You can use the free tool offered by Google or invest in something fancier and more powerful like Market Samurai. Keyword research is essential if you want to figure out what potential customers are looking for and how to word things to attract them to your site 2. Domain Name(s) and Paid Professional Hosting – AVOID free with both! If you are serious about making money online you need to have full control over your site(s) 3. Latest Version of WordPress 4. WordPress Plugins that Help with Marketing – Plugins are small programs, often free, that you can easily add to your WordPress blog to make it do all kinds of cool things. 5. Good WordPress Theme – WordPress themes are code you add to your blog that changes the way it looks. Some of the better themes cost money but the investment can be very worthwhile. 6. Autoresponder Service – AVOID free ones! You need a reliable service and none of the <b>…<b>

WordPress Classroom. Click Here, free-review-tips.info , to become a pro.If youre blogging for money and not using WordPress then youre at a disadvantage. The reason for this is that WordPress is probably the best free blogging platform that you can use because there are so many themes (skins) and plugins (addons) that there is something for everyone. Now just because something is free doesnt mean that it is defective in some way. Quite the opposite. WordPress is an open source product. This means that programmers all over the world are constantly updating and inventing aspects of WordPress for Public use and in the process making it better. What do these guys get out of it? Often making a positive reputation for themselves which equates to making money for later. Anyway, digressing off topic a bit, youre reading this because you have heard theres money in blogging. Youve heard right but only when you set things up the right way. Its like all things – do it properly from the beginning and you have less problems later on! There are three stages of making money online with WordPress and even blogging in general Step #1 If you do not have a niche – find one. Dont find any niche, remember youre looking for one that has people looking to spend money! There are several niche areas that come to mind – Travel and Leisure, Legal, Financial and Health and Fitness to name but a few. The point is that people in these niches have a need. Often that need is associated with a <b>…<b>

WordPress Classroom,Click Here, free-review-tips.info ,to become a Pro.If you are wanting to make a start in money blogging, the first thing is to set up a blog site. Although it is easy to set up a free blog on a blog platform like blogger.com, or on one of the many social media sites, this is not owned by you and can be shut down at the discretion of the site owners. This might happen if you unknowingly breach a rule. The preferable option it to have your own blog site, on your own domain. First you purchase your domain name (and choice of domain name can be important too) and then you open a hosting account. Both domain name purchase and hosting costs are very minimal. The next step is to set the dns (domain name server) of the purchased domain name to the hosting account, and list the domain name in the hosting account. This connects the purchased domain name with the hosting account. It is quite easy to set up a blog site on a domain and is also easy to manage. The alternate option of a static website is more complicated to set up and to update. If the presentation of a standard static site is preferred, there are option to have blog sites appear like static sites, which may be considered for some purposes, such as a sales page or an opt-in page. Search engines tend to give a better ranking to a blog sites, rather than a standard website, because of the structure of the platform used, and also the fresh content. Blog sites are therefore likely to rank better and <b>…<b>

WordPress Classroom, Click Here, free-review-tips.info ,Want to work from home and make money blogging? Then consider WordPress to be your most powerful tool. Once installed on a site, WordPress is endlessly customizable, allowing you to create exactly the high-traffic and high-income site you want. Here are three steps to consider when creating money-making WordPress blogs. 1. Decide on Your Business Model: Will You Keep Your Blog or Sell It? Your first step must always be to decide on a business model (how youll make money) with your new WordPress blog. Business models to consider include: creating a blog to sell (known as blog "flipping"), creating a blog on which youll sell one or more affiliate products, creating a blog to sell your own product, or creating a blog on which youll sell advertising. Whichever business model you choose, you can use WordPress plugins to customize each blog for a particular model. 2. Choose Money-Making Blog Topics and Styles Your next step is to choose a money-making blog topic. You can make money with thousands of topics, but heres a big hint: sell what people are buying. Often new bloggers are told to find a niche which has little or no competition, but this is useless advice. Niches will little competition have few customers. Heres a shortcut to finding a profitable topic: find out whether magazines exist for this topic. If magazines exist, its a money making topic. Once youve chosen a topic, its time to choose a style for your <b>…<b>


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