As election season heats up, candidates and news pundits alike bring the core tenets of our democratic republic to the forefront with a driving beat and soaring melody. SONGIFY the free iPhone app or on Android: shirts and stuff – Joseph Gordon-Levitts channel, hitRECord: Collaborate with him on his web site: More Gregory Brothers ‬ Facebook! Twitter! ‬Webs!‬ original videos Newt Gingrich on cash money : Jim Stossel on voting : Vermin Supreme on Various More Vermin Supreme: Lyrics: My name is Vermin, Vermin Supreme And you can vote, you can vote for me. For president if you want And my name is Vermin, and uh, okay. Do you still stand by your pony pledge? Yes, I do, free ponies for all Turn all that pony poop to methane gas. One more thing, Jesus told me to make Randall Terry gay – Hes turnin gay, turnin gay! Whooo Whoooo! Thank you, alright, okay. And all the un-gay is melting away! Hes turnin gay, turnin gay! Whooo Whoooo! Not a single straight gene in his DNA Cause hes turnin turnin turnin turnin Turnin gay! Our instinct says everybody should vote but some people are dumb – and they shouldnt vote! The kids are not paying attention – Yeah, on election day give em detention This endless cheerleading – Lets go to the rock <b>…<b>

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