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Recently I have noticed a lot of  ”make money online” offers advertising on Facebook are using some wording that is pretty aggressive.

I remember a couple years when I couldn’t even advertise my ShoeMoneyX.com program with the words “Get a free 12 week training course on Internet Marketing”.

When I reached out to our reps and they told me, “Sorry man it doesn’t matter who you are we have a zero tolerance policy on ANYTHING that even smells of a make money online offer”.

That was lame, and frustrating… Especially since I worked with them back in the day when they were building out their platform. Not to mention the 5 panels I have been on at conferences helping get the word out about the platform.

Back to present day.

Now you see all these ads completely going against FTC guidelines. Specifically the income claims:

Just for shits I reached out to some of the same people who said my ads were overly aggressive. They said none of there ads no longer being approved in house so you can pretty much get away with anything for a bit until someone notices it and reports it.

Looks like Facebook is taking another page out of Google’s playbook….

But at what point can the FTC choose to ignore this?

Will it come to the point where the FTC (and the white house) cracked down on Facebook/Google/Yahoo about ads regarding grants and stuff?

Now that they are public obviously all bets are off getting a good return for their stockholders.

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Hi I am Jeremy Schoemaker and ShoeMoney.com is my blog. 99% of the post here are done by me but you will see others occasionally make guest posts. This blog is fun to write but for my day job I run several online companies.

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