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How To Make Money Online From Home With An Internet Business

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Earn Money Online with WordPress – Write Tutorials for WpWebHost.com

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Numerous work at home opportunities emerge on the web almost every day and I made it my hobby to check out all possible ways to earn cash via Internet and share my experience on this website. So far I created articles about making cash with paid surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging and even copywriting. To tell the truth, I find writing articles for money the most exciting way to generate cash over the Internet.

Today I would like to share one website I have just found and it offers us a chance to make money with the help of our WordPress knowledge. In my previous articles I did share some ideas on earning money with WordPress, so with this post I will just extend my list of online earning opportunities.

WpWebHost.com is a pretty good hosting company, which is looking for writers for their blogs. Their hosting company mainly deals with WordPress hosting and in their blogs articles connected to this content management system are posted on regular basis.

In order to make money online by writing tutorials for WpWebHost.com you need to complete such steps:

1) Visit their website and visit the “Write for Us” page, where you will be able to find requirements for copywriters.
2) Contact the administrators of WpWebHost with your ideas and possible rough drafts of posts.
3) Once your ideas are approved, start working on writing step-by-step tutorials on WordPress management and design to receive good pay for your online work.
4) Get paid via PayPal. For every accepted tutorial, WpWebHost.com owners will pay you $100 to your PayPal account. Hard work always pays off, especially if you can produce top quality content.

So far I have not read any negative reviews of WpWebHost.com and I think that this is a legit opportunity to make money online by writing tutorials. If you are not a WordPress specialist but still would like to work online by writing content, please check out other opportunities, which were featured in this blog previously:

Squidoo.com content sharing platform – this is one of the most popular communities for copywriters, who share their knowledge, promote their information pages and receive money on revenue sharing basis.
Top “paid to write” opportunities – I made a list of best websites, which give money for writing content (tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, ect.). The list is frequently updated, so you are sure to find some useful resources there.

All in all, creating content for money is a superb free way to generate cash via Internet. If you would like to get other work at home updates for free, please subscribe to IncomeBooster.org.

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UxBooth.com – Work Online by Writing Usability/Design Tutorials and How-to Guides

Internet consists of millions of websites and billions of pages, so any person, who is willing to work from home finds it hard to find make money online opportunities without having any background experience.

At first finding online jobs for challenging for me, I started working as a paid survey taker, then gradually I started earning money not from doing something, which brings me money but also from something, which both gives me money and pleasure.

I started learning more about writing and blogging, eventually started by own blog and now at least have a slight notion of the article structure, proper formatting and the usage of keywords. These skills enabled me to make money online by writing content.

I enjoy finding and checking out various Internet jobs and money-making opportunities and I make it my hobby to post them in this blog. Today I would like to share a website, where usability experts can earn by producing quality content.

UxBooth.com, a member of the most popular blog network dealing with technology, web design and programming, servers as a top-class source of information for webmasters and programmers by highlighting solutions for solving usability and web design issues.



Being an open community, UxBooth.com is open for contributions and the managers of this project are even rewarding writers for producing quality content. So if you are a freelance writer, an expert in the field of web design or just keen on learning ways of boosting website usability, then you should definitely think about contributing to UxBooth.com and getting paid for doing so.

In order to contribute to this design community and get paid, you need to go through such steps:

1) Contact the representative of UxBooth.com and provide your article ideas. Tutorials and how-to guides are usually more likely to be accepted, so try to capitalize on this.

2) Upon getting a heads-up from the editors of UxBooth.com, start working on your article and submit it for review.

3) Once your content is accepted and published, you will be asked for a PayPal address, where a sum of 100 dollars in be sent.

Anyways, it is an interesting work at home opportunities for the fans of usability and design topics. If you would like to know more about opportunities to get paid for writing content on different topics, please check out these similar money-making possibilities (I have tested them myself and can tell only good things about them):

Squidoo.com – is my all-time favorite website for writing content for profit. I published several articles here and got paid pretty nice amounts for money.
List of sites paying for writing tutorials – one of the newest lists of sites, this time it is a compilation of great sites for earning money by writing how-to guides and tutorials.

As for now, thanks for reading my blog post. I do hope that my website will help you to start earning money from home, if you wish to receive similar content to your email, please subscribe to this make money online blog, it is free.

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Earn Extra Money Online for Writing Photoshop Tutorials for PSD.FanExtra.com

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Among a large variety of work at home opportunities the creating content for money has taken one of the key positions. As for me, this way of earning money online is a favorite of at least one third of all people, who make a living on the Internet: freelancers, stay at home moms and dads, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Any writer, who can create well researched, keyword rich and informative articles will always be able to make money online for free. In order to get started with this earning opportunity you need to possess a good writing ability, research skills and a subject you specialize in.

Today I would like to present a money-making opportunity for writers, who are keen on web design, photoshop and related technology. A very popular design community is looking forward by buying fresh content from experienced writers. The website is called PSD.FanExtra.com and by visiting it you will see what type of content is featured there.

Currently the owners of this project are willing to pay money for such articles and tutorials:

– photoshop articles, tutorials and how-to guides;

– content featuring inspiration and top-lists;

– overviews of best vector and icon sets;

– other exciting design and photoshop-related content, e.g. photo packs and texture packs.

One should keep in mind that owners of this project are looking for fresh content and creative ideas and are willing to pay good money for the best staff. I would highly recommend contacting the project managers and discussing the price of your work before starting to write articles or photoshop tutorials for PSD.FanExtra.com.

Over the past month I managed to find a good deal of writing opportunities, so I am thinking about updating a list of best websites, which give money to write tutorials and how-to guides. As for now, PSD.FanExtra.com owners pay money via PayPal, so you need to have an account in order to get paid.

Also, if you don’t like writing about photoshop and web design but still wish to earn money at home by writing content, you can check out other money-making opportunities such as:

Squidoo.com – it is my favorite website for earning cash by writing content. They work on revenue sharing basis and you don’t have to be a professional writer in order to get paid here.
Free writing opportunities for freelancers – yet another good list of websites, where beginner and experienced writers can earn money from home by producing content.

Hopefully this article was useful to you and you will be able to start to make money online for free. I am working on finding more legit work at home opportunities, so if you want to receive them for free to your inbox, please subscribe to IncomeBooster.org free of charge.

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Best Websites to Get Paid to Write Tutorials and How-to Guides Online

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When it comes to picking a way of earning money online, I always stick with my personal favorite – copywriting. Top class content from real professionals will always be in a big demand, so anyone capable of producing keyword-rich content with elements of personal experience and related examples will always be able to make money online.

In order to earn cash by writing, one doesn’t need to have a personal website. How can this apply to you? If you have a hobby or a subject you are very good at, then you can surely extract some financial benefits from it. In this article I would like to provide a list of websites, which give money for writing tutorials and how-to guides. Most of these websites accept content related to technology, web design, search engine optimization, blogging, social media and so on. Apart from getting cash benefits from these sites you can also boost your author recognition and get high PR links to your website or portfolio.

In case writing on any of these topics attracts you, please enjoy the list.

Squidoo.com – a universal content network for people, who want to make money online with the help of writing. They are paying on revenue sharing basis, which means you are earning money from your writing depending on its performance. Personally, this website has worked out pretty well for me and I am still getting royalties for my articles.

PsDeluxe.com being a professional design community is open for new member contributions. By writing tutorials and how-to guides on such topics as web design, blogging and photoshop users can receive 30-50 dollars for every accepted article piece.

OnExtraPixel.com – by writing for this website authors receive several benefits, including the ability to add relevant dofollow links in the author box, get exposure and receive money for every accepted tutorial or how-to guide connected with design or blogging.

TutsPlus.com definitely has no competition in terms of earning opportunities. This is a network of how-to blogs, which cover a large variety of technology topics. Pick the category which suits you the most, write tutorials and get paid up to 50 dollars of every accepted publication.

SitePoint.com has opened its doors for contributors and skilled writers, who can produce awesome content for their superb webmaster community. Webmasters, bloggers and designers can share their experience on SitePoint and get up to 100 dollars per article from the owners of this project.

FreelanceSwitch.com – writers dealing with freelance business and design are welcome to write tutorials and how-to guides for FreelanceSwitch.com and receive exposure and good upfront payment of $50 per article (paid via PayPal).

SmashingMagazine.com – yet another top-class design community is ready to accept articles from its readers. Writers specializing in blogging, web design and blogging platforms can share experience on SmashingMagazine.com and get paid both on upfront and pay-per-view basis.

TechieBlogger.com – forms a minority and pays money on revenue sharing basis (google adsense revenue sharing). The topic covered on this website is broader than in the examples before, so more people will find it interesting to write for this community.

This article will be worked on more and updated in the near future. I know a good deal of websites, which pay money to write tutorials and how-to guides but didn’t have time to review all of them yet. Please subscribe to IncomeBooster.org if you want to receive these work at home updates for free.

If you are looking forward to making money online by sharing your experience in the form of tutorials and how to guides, check out this list of free money-making opportunities.

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