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How to make money online with Just Been Paid (JBP)

QUICK SUMMARY: Buy positions they cost $ 10 each, each position gives you 2% daily earnings so 0.20$ per day for each active position from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1.5% per day so 0,15$ for each active position. The positions have a duration of 81 days, after that they stop giving daily earnings, to increase the gain buy each time you have $ 10, in this way it will increased by $ 0.20 for each purchase you make. When our daily earnings are high enough, then you can begin to withdraw ,you need to let the system grow when you first start a bit or it will slow down if you start emidiatly withdrawing. To withdraw without slowing the system down you should withdraw 13 of your daily earning so you keep growing while withdrawing . As you can see in about 5 months have gone up from $ 3.80 a day to about $ 20 daily, and the more we go forward in time, as it speeds up the system because the revenue increase exponentially, so you can buy more positions,. To Register go to this link: justbeenpaid.com and write inside sponsor my ID: 810196, then click submit so you can join under me. To Have Friends People register udnder you send this link to them justbeenpaid.com and give them your ID that will be found in your JBP Home and they have do insert your ID like you done to register under me. LINK to login: justbeenpaid.com LINK to Solid Trust Pay the bank I use: solidtrustpay.com of course if someone wants to use another bank can do so. Contact: Skype: glendoci You <b>…<b>

John Chow dot Com: 4 Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make At Least $1,000 Monthly

You’ve seen and read countless success stories of people who make money by blogging. Yes, blogging can make you money and John Chow is a living witness.

However, generating income as a blogger seems like a day-dream to some folks. Is it really true or some sorts of hype?

Over the years, I’ve realized what it takes to earn a good living online, either as a blogger or an affiliate marketer.

It takes more than writing articles, blog posts and guest posts. It takes guts and hard work. If your blog is not earning at last $1000, see if these 4 reasons would resonate with you.

I wrote this article to help you change your focus and earn what you’re worth. Let’s go for a catch.

Sure, if you’ve weird expectations for your online business, you won’t go that far in achieving your goals. When I started blogging, my goal was to earn $3,000 every month. Guess what, I didn’t have a realistic plan to make it happen.

Such is a weird expectation. When you’re always thinking about making money, by any means possible, it’s a weird expectation – it’s not realistic. Stop right there!

You’ve got to change your thinking. This has a lot to do with your inner being and what you propose in your heart. The right time to erase the Dollar Sign ($) in your mind is now.

Of course, a time would come when earning $3,000 becomes second nature to you, but it takes hard work, zeal and proven business model.

Find out what other people need and keep providing the right answers. Basically, don’t expect to earn so much from your blog at the initial stage. Otherwise, you may end up earning less than you expect.

Do you still wake up by 10.00am and expect to make a lot of money from your blog? Well, for some people who have established blogs and everything run on autopilot, it’s possible.

But if you’re like me (intermediate), you’ve to spend hours writing, promoting, networking and participating with others.

I was overwhelmed to know that John Chow has been posting daily on this blog since 2008.

If he doesn’t have the time to update daily, at least he ensures his readers have new and insightful contents every time.

I’m not surprised that he’s such a success. Hard work pays off mightily.

One of my affiliate mentors, Ewen Chia is also a hardworking fellow.

He didn’t turn a Super Affiliate overnight. He works tirelessly from 11.00pm – 3.00am every day for 3 years.

A few years ago, he generated over $100K in 3 days from his product and affiliate sales. Again, hard work truly pays. Stop wishing, start working hard today.

Are you using strength or strategy?

This is very important. A lot of bloggers think that updating their blogs everyday is a great strategy. Is it?

The truth of the matter is: there are two sides to this. If the daily content is informative and truly helpful, then it’s a great decision. But if you don’t have something cute to tell your readers on a daily basis, why post daily?

Churning articles just to meet up with 600+ words count means you’re using strength. Such action can’t yield significant results.

A blogger friend of mine had written & published over 200 guest posts, but his blog is still struggling to gain traffic and he’s broke. Whereas, I wrote my first 10 guest posts and got hired by 3 high paying clients. What’s the difference?

I used strategy, while my friend used strength. Blogging success doesn’t depend on the quantity of articles you’ve and published, but it depends 100% on the quality and marketing. Stop using strength, focus on proven strategies and you’ll win.

The web is primarily powered by email and social media.

So many bloggers give more attention to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You should realize that email is the BEST marketing medium for your blog?

I know you’ve a Facebook page and Twitter handle. My question is: how much income do you earn from using these platforms?

Don’t get me wrong, social media is cute, I love to tweet and share with my fans but I give more attention to growing my email list.

“The money is in the list.”

Truth be told, the money is not actually in the list, but in the relationship you’ve built over time with your subscribers. How do you retain and engage targeted readers when they’re not on your email list?

Apart from selling to your subscribers, you could get business and product ideas from them. If you GIVE generously to your subscribers, they can promote you to the world without asking for rewards. Yes, email marketing is that powerful!

Waiting for the Sky to turn blue could be dangerous to your business. Plunge in and start building your email list today. Begin to communicate with your target audience. That’s where your long-term success lies.

What other reason is stopping you from making at least $1000 every month from your blog? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. See you at the top!

Photo Credit: highconvertingplr | Smartinsights

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Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge – Progress towards my goal

This week I have invested in and committed to Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge.

Dean is true success story he went from flat broke to success in record time.  His mentor was Alex Jeffreys who in turn was mentored by Mike Filsaime.  I could go on through the family tree but the point is I am getting help from the world’s best directly and indirectly.

The programme lasts for four weeks and I intend to follow closely and allow my business to make progress down the road to success.  Please come back for further updates as the weeks progress.

The first week’s live webinar showed Dean to be a capable presenter and forced the participants to focus on mindset and other issues that may inhibit success. Fail to plan, plan to fail.  It may be short a and sweet but it it’s on the money.

Till next time


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