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Passion and interest are two major driving forces in everything and this rule applies to working online and making money from home. If it wasn’t for great longing to share my experience in Internet business, this blog would have never existed and thousands of readers would have never been treated to such a variety of work at home opportunities.

I am very interested in finding new things out, sharing them with the world and, of course, earning money for my writing. Those, who are knowledgeable about their subject, can create attention-grabbing and informative articles are sure to find a cool part-time job on the web.

As I was looking for additional ways to promote my blog, gain relevant backlinks to some of my favorite articles on this blog, I came across a superb offer for those, who like web design and don’t mind to contribute to to gain some monetary benefits. - write tutorials and reviews for money is a superb community for web designers and website owners, where articles within such categories are published: social media, tips of webmasters, design tutorials, freebies for bloggers and programmers, giveaways, ect. The owners of this site want to produce more content and invite guest bloggers.

It is said that anyone can become a guest blogger, contribute to community and gain various benefits, including cash for writing quality tutorials, articles and reviews.
If you are a writer, who wants to improve your writing skills, blogger, who would like to gain relevant, high-PR links to your blog or an Internet money-makers, who wants to practice writing skills and get paid for creating tutorials and reviews, then is right for you.

By posting your guest articles at you will get such benefits:

1. Acknowledgement – every article of yours will be furnished with a unique author box, which will contain your brief biography and links to your blog/site and twitter account.
2. Traffic and exposure – is a very popular community, so the odds that your content can become insanely popular very fast are very high. And article views mean visits to your official site or blog.
3. Money, money, money – top contributors and writers qualify for cash rewards and prizes.

Please visit for more information about contributing to this community. The owners have done a superb job of putting up a list of useful tips and resources for writers. Also, your writing skills and gained knowledge can be easily applied on other sites, which pay good money for writing content.

Thank you for reading my blog. I do hope that this article was helpful for you and you would start thinking about monetizing your writing on the web. Please leave me comments and vote for us on social networks.

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Perform Usability Testing Online and Make Money with

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Do you like checking out new websites, have experience with Internet or specialize in web development or usability testing? If so, then I would like to show you a pretty interesting website, with the help of which you can earn money online by checking out various Internet projects and making critical video reviews of them.

Nowadays usability and website improvement is one of the most popular webmasters’ headaches. offers website owners an opportunity to have their sites reviewed by real people, who will state their honest thoughts about selected websites. UserFeel project connects website owners, who want to improve their websites by listening to the feedback of testers (mostly Internet professionals, who have a lot of experience with world wide web and are not afraid to give critical reviews. is similar to other sites, which pay money for doing usability testing, which I reviewed on previously. I recommend using all services to improve your chances to make money online in such a way. - get paid to test websites and make reviews

On their website you will be able to find detailed information on how to become a tester and receive money for creating video reviews (users a furnished with top-notch software for creating such videos). In the review you are required to talk on the microphone and point out at problematic website zones.

Basically your tasks are: to give your overall impression on the website; point to all sections, features or zones, which confuse you; provide comments and ideas on how to improve selected website; complete a set of requirements by the website owner and create a short written review.

In order to become a tester you need to fill out an application form and to go through a sample test. Usability testers at receive $10 for every completed test and according to their website, testers are capable of earning 100-200 dollars per month. Currently payments are carried out with the help of PayPal. is a pretty interesting way to make money from home in your spare time. Even though this earning opportunity cannot replace your daily job, it can help you develop skills of a video reviewer or a copywriter, which can be applied with other online jobs, for example: is an Interesting community of Internet shoppers, who create video reviews of products they have tried and receive money and prizes for every approved video review. is also I great platform for publishing articles online. You can post any type of content, including reviews, and get money for your writing.

I hope that you liked my review of and would try this work online opportunity. In my future posts I will try to review some other interesting money-making opps. So in order to receive them for free, please subscribe to Thanks for reading and good luck earning cash with usability testing.

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Easy Way to Work Online by Testing and Reviewing Sites with

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Looking for new interesting ways to earn money from home is one of my favorite ways to spend time on the Internet. Even though I work online part-time, I always try to get additional income streams by using websites, which give money for completing misc work over the net.

Some of my previous posts were dedicated to ways to earn money from home by writing reviews, tutorials and sharing your thoughts on the web for pay. Your knowledge, ideas and experience are worth a lot on the web and I would like to give you some ideas on how to make money with such qualities.

First of all, if you have some experience with world wide web, programming or web design, you can earn money by doing usability checks. is an independent website usability testing company, which is looking for new workers. - work online as a usability tester

The usability testing services, which are offered by could be pretty important for webmasters and website owners, so this service will always be in a big demand. As for earning opportunities at, you can check out their “Become a Usability Tester” page and see what the requirements for this online job are.

Currently this usability testing company pays £7.50 for every site you test and according to their data, such tests take no more than 20 minutes. I do think that you will be able to perform a lot of tests per day that is why I recommend using several usability testing services, this will increase your chances of making money from home by reviewing websites. Here is a small list of websites, which pay money for testing websites: – with the help of this service you can perform usability testing and receive $10 for every accepted review. – yet another promising opportunity to make money online by reviewing websites ($10 for every review). – one of the newest players in this business and still offers a reward of ten dollars for every test accepted.

All earnings accumulated on your account could be securely withdrawn to a PayPal account of yours, which is to be filled out during the registration process. By performing such work online you will gain a lot experience, which could be used in the future.

Personally I like reviewing websites and Internet services. I think that I got hang of it and writing reviews is not a problem for me. As a hint, you can also join, post your reviews there and make money from your writing on revenue sharing basis.

Hopefully you find this work at home opportunity interesting enough to give it a try. Please leave me your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to support us on social networks.

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Make Money Online for Writing Photoshop and Design Tutorials at

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Running this work at home blog has been a pure joy for me. Not only do I get to check out the latest make money online opportunities, I also receive dozens of comments and questions about various ways to work online and get paid for completing various Internet-based jobs. Recently I spent a lot of time investigating means of earning cash online by writing.

I released several posts on how to earn money with content writing sties and even shared by Squidoo earnings (I had a little test, which turned out to be very successful, I managed to earn more than fifty dollars by writing one article on Squidoo).

In my posts I am trying to prove that it is possible to receive monetary benefits from sharing your thoughts and experience on the web by means of writing articles. Today I would like to present you a website, which is looking for contributors and the owners of this project are ready to pay good money for writing photoshop and design-related articles or tutorials. is an extremely popular blog for design and photoshop lovers. Here users can find hundreds of tutorials, articles and reviews. If you are knowledgeable in this field of study, have experience with photoshop and would like to make money online by writing for, then you should definitely visit their “write for us” page. - get paid to write tutorials

Right now they would much appreciate articles, which cover creation of photo effects, complicated text effects; video tutorials on how to make web layouts or photo manipulations. It should be noted that only unique articles and tutorials will be accepted and are eligible for payment.

Speaking of financial benefits of writing for currently for every accepted tutorial writers receive 75 dollars to their PayPal accounts; those, who write design related articles receive 30-50 dollars per article (depending on the innovativeness and topicality of the publication).

On their site you will be able to find a list of full requirements for writing content for them, as well as examples of well-written tutorials.

Your knowledge is worth a lot, if you decide to start sharing it on the web by writing articles and tutorials, you will definitely not regret it. Those you are eager to get paid to write but don’t like the design niche can try other freelance writing websites which were reviewed in my blog. Here are some links for you:

Learn how to earn money on – this is a post describing results of my test. I managed to earn over fifty dollars for writing just one article.
Regularly updated list of freelance writing opportunities – several months ago I made a rating of best “get paid to write” websites, please rate and enjoy.

I am very glad to have you visiting my website and reading these reviews. If you like my content, please subscribe to the feed of and don’t forget to like and share this article, it means a lot to us. Thanks for visiting and good luck earning money by writing.

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Work Online by Doing Simple Online Tasks with

Doing freelance work on the Internet is one of the easiest ways to make some money. There are thousands of companies, which outsource their projects and offer freelancers a chance to make some easy money by doing tasks, which cannot be completed by machines.

The best website for finding this type of work is Mturk by Amazon. They created this project with the idea that there are tasks, which require human brain to get completed and why not simple users make money online by doing this work. Usually these tasks are related to simple data entry

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