WordPress Classroom, Click Here, free-review-tips.info ,Want to work from home and make money blogging? Then consider WordPress to be your most powerful tool. Once installed on a site, WordPress is endlessly customizable, allowing you to create exactly the high-traffic and high-income site you want. Here are three steps to consider when creating money-making WordPress blogs. 1. Decide on Your Business Model: Will You Keep Your Blog or Sell It? Your first step must always be to decide on a business model (how youll make money) with your new WordPress blog. Business models to consider include: creating a blog to sell (known as blog "flipping"), creating a blog on which youll sell one or more affiliate products, creating a blog to sell your own product, or creating a blog on which youll sell advertising. Whichever business model you choose, you can use WordPress plugins to customize each blog for a particular model. 2. Choose Money-Making Blog Topics and Styles Your next step is to choose a money-making blog topic. You can make money with thousands of topics, but heres a big hint: sell what people are buying. Often new bloggers are told to find a niche which has little or no competition, but this is useless advice. Niches will little competition have few customers. Heres a shortcut to finding a profitable topic: find out whether magazines exist for this topic. If magazines exist, its a money making topic. Once youve chosen a topic, its time to choose a style for your <b>…<b>

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