How To Approach Internet Marketing as A NewbieIt can be started literally immediately and you should see profits in as little as a week!But if that’s true, why are so many IMers still having such a hard time getting started?Why is it that a lot of aspiring Internet Marketers aren’t able to make even a smallprofit? Internet Marketing itself won’t tell you the answers to these questionsOne of the very best business models out there is the Internet Marketing business model. It’s actually just outside it. IM is like any other business model, it operates on aset number of principlesIn this video we are going to teach you some useful methods that newbies can use to builda strong foundation for themselves before they start out on their IM journeyAnd if you can’t get these basic principles under your belt then obviously you aren’tgoing to see any true results headed in your directionBeing an Internet marketer, you can do without your own site, and you’ll find internet marketersthat earn a regular income just through free blogs or driving traffic to their affiliateproductsBut if you’re aiming to play with the big boys then you should create a site for yourselfEverything changes when you are the owner of your digital properties, and there is nodebating that point. You can get a great domain for under $10 for a one year registration,so that can be easily doneJust for example, if you want to create a branded name then the domain has to be justrightArticle marketing has evolved, and the impetus for that has been Google – so you can thankthem. You will not be able to submit crap articles to the directories or really anywhereelseSo if that is part of your marketing strategy, then that is fine but just be aware. You canpublish your articles in directories with the hopes that they will be syndicated onrelevant sites in your marketPut your focus on writing the kind of articles that other sites are looking for, and thatwill help you a great dealAll backlinks are not the same, and with that in mind only pay attention to those placesthat mean quality backlinks. But do be careful that you do not impede your efforts with poorbacklinksYour can enjoy more PR that has more effect on your when your links are niche relevant. Just avoid anything that can potentially cause harm to your business building effortsOne thing that is so great about internet marketing, as a newbie, is there really isno need to buy all the resources that do exist. Some things are better served when they arenot so complicated, and remember that you have a learning curve to beat down, tooJust get in the habit of taking action on things, and that is one of the best lessonsyou can take away. Do not worry if you have a rough time getting off the ground; justkeep at it no matter what happens


hey this is your afternoon I created a
crash course video marketing guy for you
take you from a complete newbie to
person that can go out there
sit-down creative video get seen by
hundreds out that people
and actually make money off that video
so what I’ve done as I created a series
of videos do it through each step and is
about seven steps I believe you have to
to go from newbie to ukraine power video
segment why
now this is going to be a first video in
series at how these links
out for sand is this video to go through
the other steps
now the first step is really just market
now this may seem kinda boring since
we’re not really make videos that people
may be inclined to skip this step
but I highly suggest that you do not
because if you can make a huge mistake
the cost you a lot of money it’s almost
like I’ll if you really dive into a
swimming pool head-first
but you don’t check to see how deep the
water is right checking to see how do
you put the waters is the century market
because if you die for example without
checking you could end up
diving into Chi feed water heater had
going to hospital
having good surgery to help attract
brain injury
I L costs a lot of money a lot effort
and a lot of time when all you have to
do a beginning
was to see how deep that water snow make
sure they’re safe
for you to dive into it so really for
you mark the research
is just saying okay this is marketplace
and if not you know why are you even
going into work today
so can save a lot of time and effort
beginning because it’s not profitable
then yep there’s no point in continuing
here’s what to look for whenever you
think mr. to researchers
to you quick and easy ways just to see
if it’s profitable and its but what’s
next after that I’ll show you later
versus just saying is okay are there
other products being sold
and the second is our people by at so
let’s go hand go over and check and see
if there’s a
products also less is kinda pic object
are lessons right but say we want to
make some videos
I’ll I have us playing guitar and
showing people how to play guitar and we
want them to purchase some of our
and if you don’t want to create your own
product I’ll go ahead and show you
different option since you can do at
Savoy the whole thing
now so what I’ve done is that conover
Clickbank anxious Clickbank Dakar
and and I go to top and click on market
and I can just type it whatever my
market that want to so i tempting to
talk or lessons and then it will show
me up at approx so here are some
products that other people made are
currently sidebar click back
so we have heard of it are lessons up
make five hundred percent more with the
and guitar lessons for outside
everything’s on guitar lessons and or
even tell you that average sale price I
can see this one’s a hundred thirty-five
this one song 723 so
I just kinda go through make sure
there’s lot products in there and then
that’s kinda quick okay check offer less
there’s people sign products so you know
that there’s some might be made and a
hard place
now the other thing that you can do is
go over to YouTube because after all
we’re gonna be creating
videos right so let’s just pull someone
you to you and again what cheaper same
with guitar lesson so after going to try
our lessons I searched it
and you can see that I’m checks had
sought to
we say hatch hero have a yellow
background and this is a great scientist
Cavco came to check out of step property
right so
to QC at a top and I’ll see ads at the
bottom end and a
yellow color I’ll say hats and this one
has seventy thousand views on it
I’ll and this one has 68,000 views this
hot ass
a thousand views so what this is how to
use that
other people who are I’m paying money to
have his ass big scene and his people
clicking on Sat
and most likely then byproducts
otherwise they want to actually run at
so if you search for something and you
don’t see any ads
let’s have a red flag because it can
mean two things either
people don’t buy products in that
or maybe she’s completely I’m happened
yeah there’s not much traffic to its ok
im kinda go either way race
but if you’re just starting out at hand
I suggest you pick something to workers
at Saks people suck products
so what we have those few things that it
comes out next step
what you wanna do right now we have we
should at 4:10 roads where
we can either create our own products we
can’t sell somebody else’s product
or we can have a license product so if
you don’t want to create your own
product which can be
had a few years and for brand new I
probably wouldn’t recommend it off the
bat are actually
try and saw someone else’s products
because there’s a lot of time and effort
that going to
I’ll creating your own project remains
product gift of Czech glass packs
of having some sort delivery says that
you have to have a payment processors
up so it can actually
be love to you think also quite a bit by
hour and it doesn’t sell their really in
a whole
so to you other options is
film an affiliate for someone else’s
product liked what I saw your ClickBank
where the New York like maybe on average
5.3 percent commission
and sometimes more after forty fifty
percent or something even more than that
so that’s one option the second option
is actually more so what i recommend
people at Spire licensing
licensing products and essentially what
that is is that you would pay
someone a certain fee so that you can
license for product but alas you
to you like upwards of 100 percent other
cell something be much more possible
and I feel only matters a batters much
because your mates Barack
right so let’s say you have gtalk sale
if you’re just affiliate maybe only make
twenty thirty dollars of that sale
Wes if you license someone else’s
product and make 100 percent UT 500
so the next step is to go hand in hand
do some market research go for click
back over you
typing whatever mark do you want to go
into I’m so you’ll be myself I focus
more on gross and home business
you can type that and see and make sure
people are buying from it
and if they aren’t that go ahead and
continue on
and I’ll show in the next step in the
next video
and outside watches for watches whole
video I’ll let you in on where
I’ll I sent my products from for a
fraction cost you
would have to pay otherwise in this city
even where I work but all my class go
and those that Acosta go and get their
products license from
hey I actually sent out a email she I
was tired a
and I made a couple sales and because I
licensed product cap a hundred percent
of the sale
rather than only twenty to thirty
percent so
it’s something to make a huge difference
and it’s just a lot more powerful
so if you want to see where I license
byproducts of the go ahead and click on
the link below operate description
and if you do so I’ll even be able to
help you out with a actually some other
tips and tricks
and go more in depth into market
research if you buy extra go ahead
anchor going below and I’ll see you in
my next video


a as a car here and I wanted to do this
quick video
for I love you there on my list for
and campfire to do video because I just
backed up
a strategy session with one menu team
members here in time in power network
your strategy session with
island new team members to make sure
that they are on the right track we know
exactly what they need to do
to apply the internet marketing training
that empower provides to build
whatever business that they want to do
whatever is that they’re promoting
online with music books
their own home based business whatever
it is is so I usually do the strategy
session so that way they have a
back business plan I know exactly what
the income goes I don’t know exactly
how many leading to get me feel the need
to get within you do every single day to
get results and so
I was inspired his video because I don’t
the content BAC rate for those the
viewer on my list to really going to
give you some tips to give you a
behind-the-scenes look at what it looks
very successful online business I go on
to my contact from the actual
strategy sessions in the consultations
that I do with people with a what
you’ll be able to have that benefit that
privilege a hearing
my response is my answer to the
questions that I get from the struggle
that I think people have online
well on and just capital 918 Racheli
amazing this is excited very new brand
and marketing I and so that’s one other
thing that we discussed because it was
brand new owners that is the kind you
I’m still trying to figure it out
so I wanted to give you the example
explanation I gave her that led her to
stay at the air like I’m excited out
it that with that would get too excited
when I see people who
understand this process now and they
cannot take it
and they have now master this skill set
up internet marketing that they can take
and do whatever they want with it
and they could promote whatever they
want with it that will excite with
understand what they’re doing so they
can get the result that they want so
here’s why
thing a lot of people get started
internet marketing you know and
they may be looking for an marking train
for beginners they want it now
okay how do I do this because that many
brand new for them or maybe bringing for
you don’t you never done it before
so a lot of times I noticed is that a
lot of times people coming into this
into a business or marketing ally for a
week weak position
because I think i’m new I don’t really
get this I’ve never done this before
but I would share with your story
backing could go into
radically change the way that you think
and as we’re actually
that you up for success in whatever it
is that you want to do because
this story what happened for me impacted
me greatly and it changed my life
and if the story I share with people all
the time with internet marketing morgan
Ray today remind me again radio anything
new for the first time
on if you’re brand new to me if you’re
brand new to me Melissa not know my
story my back row that a licensed
attorney in the state
taxes there were tears it at the school
lot and often Texas gradually in 2008
in the first job that I had was during
the summer right with a math at your law
school at work with the computer server
technology company I work directly with
the CEO
it was my first legal job and had a a
really amazing time left: get lot a
great experience and it allowed me to
get a job at Walt Disney Studios Home
well the CEO and I continued
to you know me for lunch after I stopped
working there ended up working with a
music attorney matter here
and I lost because that was my back hurt
a lot and
so I met with the CEO of my first first
company that work with
and I wish to meet for lunch
and he was at the Battle businessman is
the you build successful mid-sized
from the ground up didn’t come from me
know that the views
actually employees he decided to start
his own business
if so at this time going to map their
law school kinda started getting that
its wanted to start a business
and I just felt scared kidnapped got
nervous but in no I knew that I wanted
get into entrepreneurship and I wanted
to maybe eventually start my own
practice but I was scared to axe them
as that you know I SEO how do you know
when you’re ready
how do you know when you’re ready to
start a business and he
he he gave me two responses in the first
response was very cliche it’s something
that we allow people say
but the second one was the game-changer
the second will reveal to me the fecking
anti-gay me reveal to me
the difference between people like him
who run a successful mid-size
business and the people who think about
doing business like big
like me big about starting a business
and then don’t have any think that I
don’t do it they’re scared or the people
dude it started and struggle death techa
is today your bill toomey
really was the game-changer it revealed
to me why he was able to succeed while
others don’t
here’s the first thing that is that with
me he said he shared this is that
you as the winning well you know you’re
ready any
that well is I have a child you’ll never
be ready
back the cliche response.write like just
feel the fear do anyway
we hear that all the time a at me it
doesn’t help I don’t know about you
way that never helps me a rightly that
you’ll never be ready
the second thing was a game-changer in
this is when I realised the power having
a different mindset
and why successful people sexy while
others fail
while others struggle other people don’t
even get started
out of fear he said this he said
I is like you he’s like you on
you have a job right now right now to
get the new I was working with the
the other job right for you he’s the
walkie we are you have a client
acid okay you know
healing are you have the better business
I’m big into him
no I don’t I’m a broke law school
student I’m going you know thirty
thousand dollars a year
for law school right now with the
scholarship as a and
you are looking like he is crazy I for
me oh my god i’ve a visit from I’m lost
in like I’m
I’m going to get everything really mean
I have a business either will
you have you know you got a job as a yes
that was working with the music attorney
the will get better first client after
if who are you income in from somewhere
right whether it’s you know from
used to moan from you know your job yeah
after yeah absolutely is okay well yet a
cup coming in
right it will building a business is all
gay and acquiring new clients is all
about having more money coming in the
moment coming out
so that very have a business the me
you’re the CEO Angela
Inc ever incorporate you already have a
you may like the may have come in at
this time because you know law student
right you know like the way that go out
but you have a business you are ready i
doing this
and that was amazing now why would a
game changer for me because we did is
revealed to me the difference between
other people the other people with a oh
no you don’t you have experience you’ve
never done before
how can you do it this is brand new to
you immediate experience
he heard it reminds that his mind that
with hey wait a second are already doing
are really building a business so why is
a game-changer
so many people come online is the only
people partner with me
to get cozy and then they they come in
with a defeated at Erie come in kinda
how no lock-out I’m learning I gotta
learn that this is totally new for me
and I command I act like that CEO
that that in for me and I could look you
already done this before
you doing it now if you have a job that
look we break it down for you
in a market fell about creating traffic
getting people getting Abbas to a
in an ever to its about can bring that
rabbit those people in to leave
getting the on your email list and in
the third step is now can bring that
lead into a sale
or new recruit if you’re you know
promoting a business where you’re
bringing on new people to build a
that is a remark in a nutshell anything
that you ever do and at Markley
that is it was on those treating crane
capturing leaves covering the lease or
sale at the look
everything a person s ever had a job
they’ve done it because
back the same exact that the idiot
offline to get a job
let me break it down I said lookit in
order for you to get hired over one you
have a skill set
right you have to know have them to
experience work experience or knowledge
education you had a skill set going in
people neglect back from the the
equation in online marketing wanna start
a biz they will make money but they
don’t want to get the skills that they
don’t invest
in the training to get the feel that but
that was the first step
in them getting money from a job so you
gotta do the same thing
if you want to get by for a visit says
the first that right you have to answer
skills that you have some kind of
and then now you take that rainy take
that feels that that knowledge that you
have it you got it in front of people
who are researching the people who had
knowledge and that experience and that
trainee in the skills that you have
right you got it from employers and his
identified as those by pulling a search
right they look I’m searching for
someone who has this qualification
I’m searching for legal associate i’m
looking i’m looking for.
a janitor I’m looking for next they
identified that they were already
so what did you do you got it from the
people who are already searching for
right you let them know hey I exist and
the way that you did that
you may wanna job or are we may not win
on the company’s website
a applied you got yourself in front of
those people who are already searching
for you and you let them know that you
exist that you gave them a red me share
with them what you need shared your
skills that you shared your experience
you get in front of them it pp curiosity
mister hey you know what
our learn more about this person so that
piqued the interest and
that with essentially like you be
creating traffic in the now getting
right now they’re more interested in a
statement we wanna learn more wanna know
so now the right in for interview you
going to interview
a you know care more about who you are
about your experience
answer their questions you bill that
know like and trust factor with them
and then now you’re basically making a
presentation right
interviews like a sales presentation in
marketing in business 40
you are presenting yourself you’re
selling yourself to them now that
now that you’ve piqued the interest then
after you know
major case after you major presentation
they make a decision either
yes we were higher you art no we don’t
wanna hire you
or we want is the more candid we have
market that we need to see
the will let you know our decision
basically the Canada other competitors
in the business world right so then
after they
if they think you know it will wait then
now you probably follow that with them a
reason to thank you card we gave them
some additional references at letters
a recommendation whatever it is and
references I like testimonials of people
who are saying look
this person has the experience that they
with on
the resume right so you gave game
that what references are in the business
what their testimony of
right the been made pat it whether or
not they want it to
hire you I’m not you close the on a
the same thing happened on line online
if you want to have success
you just do the same thing you already
mastered offline you are ready
done it in you I re: doing this on a job
right if the family that you made money
off line
do the same thing you get in front of
people who are already looking for the
feel and knowledge that you have which
means the first at
the same thing that you did right you
know if you get a job you became
you learn how to count how do we had a
right or a specially if you’re you may
be doing a job where
may be back for me my purse I was windy
right and so
I had to know I did not account in Cook
County change
and give the correct change back right
was meant I has been unite members out I
was six years old
them and has been 16 years to make
minimum wage to act in sixteen years
in school hurry had a read/write count
so that way I could be prepared for a
minimum wage job
right though for use the same thing
there were some skill set that you had
that you masturbate you learn that you
invested time energy and money into
and then you present yourself presented
that now is for the man who you are in
for the people who are researching
for you you create a traffic you get in
front of people
do the same thing online and then and
right now that you’re in front of them
you make a presentation you share with
who you are what you had %ah for your
product or service do business we ever
the pic their curiosity what they say
hey I want to learn more and now
they become elite they get on your email
list and now you again
to build that relationship with them
that no I can’t respect and then
they decide to close the sale whether or
not they do you want to
buyer product whether or not they wanna
join your business whatever it is
you have Rd math so if I
complete anything to you its this is not
can it you’ve already mastered it now
it’s just taking what you our team at
in learning how to do it online so that
might that shit that little tweak
can make all the difference even come in
there with confidence in knowing
pay I learn how to do this of mine I
learn how to do this
ACA learn how to do something all over
again ACA learn how to take whatever
and do in any format and when you
understand that
you come in with cabinet a re: know the
name of the game re: know what you need
to do
how all the pieces this online marking
bit together so I hope that this KB sa
has them they give them
insights so you can see now that you
just did it is
master online marketing just do it then
we master offline
you did it before and it helped me make
money to do the things that
don’t leave out any ingredient though
have you master the skills that have
invested in trying to learn how to
right do you know how to get in front of
people who are researching for what it
is that you have to offer
whether it’s your product or service
revisit have you now mastered the
ability to pique your interest so they
want to get on your email is to learn
have you picked have you mastered the
ability to
now close the sale if you have it it
starts with you
go right back to the inning and that
investing in your training and learning
how to do those
stepped but I just wanted to come to
give you that both the company let you
even a massive you can do it you done
offline you can do it again on


Hello there this is Doc with Newbie Marketer lessonnumber two. And today I wanna just fall back and talk a littlebit about three of the questions that have repeatedly come into me as I’ve begun to teachabout internet marketing. I want make sure you understand that there are goodanswers to these and they sorted can guide yourearly days in internet marketing. Chief among those questions has been, can I startselling online for free. My answer to that is no, because while there are some free options for certain things I’mabout to discuss, there are real drawbacks to eachof those. The reason they don’t work well is because theydon’t project a proper image for your online business, one that will attract people todo business with you. So let’s talk about some other things that willcost you money. You’ll need a domain name. In my example, docthecoach. com is my primary domain name and that cost me about ten dollarsa year to to buy and to sustain. I have a hosting account with a company called Hostgator and Hostgator allows me to put myweb sites up online. All the images, the videos, and the content thatI create – all that is stored with Hostgator andbacked up by Hostgator. And that costs me about six dollars a month. You’ll also need a program to create what’s knownas optin forms, and we’ll discuss optin forms inmuch greater detail a little bit later. But what they are is places where people like yourselfcan put their email address, and maybe even theirname, into form boxes. And those boxes can be set up so that information canbe submitted so that you move on to my email list. And from there I am able to keep in touch with you. You want the same thing as you build your own mailinglist. It doesn’t really matter what niche or what area youdecide to move into online. All those customers are a valuable commodity andyou’ll want to reach them down the road too. So you’ll need to put them on a mailing list and theseoptin forms are a wonderful way to capture thatinformation right there on your blog site. The other thing you’ll need is an autoresponder account. It’s sort of an add-on to creating opt in forms. Once you have had somebody complete the information tojoin your mailing list, that information gets shotover to what’s known as a autoresponder account, whichis essentially on online service that keeps trackof your mailing list for you. It does much more than that and, as I said earlier, inLesson Four wwe’ll discuss an autoresponder account inmuch greater detail so that you can understand why ithas this cost and why it’s so mandatory. But for right now I can promise you that it’s probablyone of the best one or two expenses that you’ll undertake early on your online marketing career. So let’s tally that up:You’re going to have $10 up front to buy your domainname. You’re going to pay $6 for your first month of webhosting. About $30 to buy a plugin for WordPress so that you cancapture people’s names and email addresses, and thenabout $25 to store those email and addresses and namesin an autoresponder. So that $71 dollars to start. That may not sound like free and it’s not, but when youstop and think about what it takes to set up anythingelse, whether it’s an ice cream shop or a cardealership, you can tell that by comparison it’s muchless expensive. Let’s talk a little bit about your monthly expenses. We’re going to need that web hosting expense on on aregular basis so there’s $6 a month you’ll have to spendand the autoresponder is also a monthly expenses you canlook forward to spending that every month. So if you add the six plus the twenty-five dollars,you’re looking at roughly $31 a month bare-bones minimumexpense to continue doing internet marketing. I would say that’s about as reasonable as it gets and Ican’t thof too many less expensive ways for you to pursueit. Do I need to have a math background to measure how well Iam doing at this?I get this a lot and there’s just a very simple answer tothat. No, most the data that help you understand what areimportant numbers in your internet marketing business arepresented visually. You’ll find, and we’ll discuss this later on, there arefree services online – usually through places like Google- that will track how many visitors come to your website. Your autoresponder, for example, will track the number ofpeople who signed up to join your mailing list. All these things are done with simple numbers and/or simplegraphs and charts that enable you to make visual sense ofhow well your business is proceeding. And the third question that I want to deal with todayis “What can I sell?”I’ll try to keep this short because we can talk about thisin much more detail later on but, in essence, what hasleveled the playing field and made online marketing soattractive is that the information I’m going to encourage youto prepare and share (or preapare and sell) was once hardto obtain. You needed to go buy a book, which meant hopping in thevehicle and going to get it. Or it meant that you had to go to the library to get even afree copy. One thing you could be sure of was that, until the internetcame along you couldn’t sit in your house and very simplyorder up free information (or even paid information) and haveit at your fingertips in no time at all. So what we do primarily in this business (and there’s asoftware component where people design software and designplugins and and things like that way if they have a particulartechnical skill), but largely in my business I createelectronic reports – books, audios and videos that people candownload as soon as they pay for them. I’m trying to instruct them specifically in areas that are ofinterest to them. The way to do this is you find a unique area of knowledge inyour own life and I’ve put a couple examples on here that maysound sort of off the wall. But if you stop and think about it – we all have certain areasand certain hobbies that we’ve come to love. And as a big part of loving those we have developed a certaindegree of speciality or a special body of knowledge that mostpeople don’t have and they would pay to learn this knowledgeso that they can get a jumpstart in that subject themselves. The two examples I’ve used here are restoring classic cars andhow to raise chickens that lay eggs. At least in the United States, where I live, this example ofraising chickens that lay eggs has become incredibly popular inthe last couple of years as people begin to think about what ifsomething went wrong in the world andwe had to fend forourselves. How would we have our own livestock?How would wehave our own food and water supply?There are amazing trends and hot buttons for people thatdevelop all the time. What I’ve put down here is that thousands of people searchGoogle every month on those two subjects alone, and that’s true. You can look up the you can look up the statistics for how manytimes people search for any subject and what you’ll find is thatthere’s a lot of information out there but it’s scattered. Its not very well organized and it is something that – the wayit’s presented through Google, for example – would have you spenda great amount of time, probably hours and maybe even days,mastering a particular subject that you already may know well. If you can create a concise informative report about how to doeither of those two things you can easily attach a 7 or 17 dollar,19 dollar, 27 dollars – depending on how complete or whether ornot you include audio and/or video. You can you can attach a price tag that would surprise you toenable someone to get this information very quickly so that theydon’t have to go roaming all around the internet to find theinformation or much less jump in the vehicle and go to a libraryor a book store to find the same. So those are the top three questions I wanted to deal with aboutinternet marketing. And in our next session, we’ll move on and discuss how you find adomain name provider, how you decide to pick your domain name andhow you pursue getting web hosting so that you know have a home onthe web for your new business.


Hi everyone. This is Doc and I want to welcome you to this first video in whatis a 13-part series that I’m doing on What Is Internet Marketing?So this is essentially a series to help people who are brand new to online marketingtry to frame it so that they can understand what they’re up against, what the earlysteps need to be and to give some guidance as to how it might go more smoothly. Let’s move on to our first slide and really, with this first video all I hope toaccomplish is to define a little bit about what internet marketing is. Many people enter internet marketing on a daily basis and what they need is some earlyadvicee to get off on the best possible foot That’s how I designed these 13 lessons. They’re also on my blog at docthecoach. com. If you nose around a little bit under thetraining sessions, you can find the blog posts that have accompanied the slides and thisvideo Internet marketing is now called so many othernames, such as e-marketing, web marketing, i-marketing, digital marketing, onlinemarketing – so many different things but is best defined as the marketing of one’sproducts or services through the use of the internet. Why is internet marketing a big advantage tomany businesses? Well, the Internet is a global portal now. A lot of things happen that don’t involve e-commerce, obviously. There’s social media,there’s simply exchanging lovely images and just browsing, Shopping for anything thatinvolves the exchange dollars is really what I mean by internet marketing. We’re goingto talk about some ways that internet marketerscan become involved in those exchanges of dollars here in a bit. I’ll give me some ideasof ways that you can use your own levels of expertise to make money and how you canformat that specialized knowledge that you mayhave into products that people will buy. One of the other things I think is the biggestadvantage for internet marketers is that you can be into this business for a relativelymodest amount of money. Some people believe thoroughly that you can do this for free andI’ll just leave them with their opinion. It’s just not what I believe and I’ll talk a littlebit about this in the next couple of lessons. There are some costs, albeit inexpensive,that I think you need to face up to to get underwaybut I think one of the things I’ve done as I createdthis series was to determine what are some nottoo expensive options you can select so that it’s easiest on your wallet (or easiest onyour pocketbook). One of the things I think internetmarketing does well though is businesses can save on the on the means of reaching almostany target market or audience – certainly overwhat’s been traditionally the method that peoplehave used to reach those audiences. For example, print advertising, radioadvertising, television advertising. . . nothing will reach prospects with less expense thaninternet marketing. Finally, I want to say that, if you’re abeginner in this business, it’s really not about raking in a lot of cash quickly. I can’ttell you how many emails and web site comments that I get about people who are ready to makefast and easy cash. I wish that were the case. I’ve been in thislong enough to know that it’s not and that thereason most people fail is because they believe that easy is the key word when talking aboutonline marketing. That same desire to pursue something easy is exactly why probably eightyor ninety percent of people fail. The only onesI know who are successful are those who are willing to approach this like a normal joband actually put some work into it. So if you’relooking for quick profits this won’t be your place. But with its inexpensive cost structure, I’m about to show you in these upcoming lessons,that businesses can save on the means of reaching almost any target market or audienceI spoke about before. You will have to invest in what’s known as an autoresponder and thenbecome involved with marketing-oriented groups on social media platforms such as Facebook,and some people use Twitter, Pinterest and otherWeb 2. 0-type platforms on which you can succeed. But Facebook is the “biggie” and we’ll talkabout that a lot throughout the lessons that are coming up. Anyway, that’s a good way todescribe what internet marketing is in its basicform.

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